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"Please read every word. We have
something very important to tell you."


From the internet-business experts,
Tom Hua and Brett McFall

Hi and thank you for wanting to know more about making money from our event, World Internet Summit.

In short, if you have friends, family, or customers that you think would like to come to this event, we would love to have you on our sales team so to speak.

This is called being an “affiliate.” 

Which means you can send people to our event page via a special link that is unique to you (and which we send to you). 

What happens is that when people click on your link, they will see our main webpage promoting our latest seminar, World Internet Summit. But invisibly (via special code), we will know that YOU sent them there. 

Which means that if they decide to come to our event, you will be credited with a sale. Not bad for just sending out a little link huh? 

Basically we do ALL the work for you.

  • We process the money.

  • We put the event on.

  • We ensure that every attendee has the time of their lives.

  • And then around 3-4 weeks after the event we send you a cheque for the amount of sales you sent our way. 

It’s good for us, because it saves us time on marketing. And it’s good for you because it’s basically “money for nothing.”

Even better, their details are stored as “your” customers for 1 year. So should they decide to purchase from us within that period, again, you get credited with that sale. (Better than a real job!) 

That’s why it really pays to promote your link (leading to our website) whenever and wherever possible. Via emails, newsletters, blogs and via your website (if you have one). 

In fact, because our event is such a popular one, it makes you look like you really are on the cutting edge when you support it. So your credibility is maintained, even heightened.

And we look after you customers in a very professional way. We couldn’t function for very long if we didn’t (and we’ve been doing this for 3 years already) – so please be assured of that. 

Now how much money can you make?

 There are 2 levels of affiliation with World Internet Summit.

1)     40% commission on a World Internet Summit ticket – this is for you after you register to attend the event.

2)    Or 10% commission on a World Internet Summit ticket – this is for everyone who wants to participate

Now obviously, it’s a smarter choice to both promote the event AND attend the event (option 1). Simply because you’ll make more money (40% instead of 10%). That’s because we really reward our attendees. 

When you decide to attend, you could actually make way more money than your ticket cost you. Meaning not only will attending be affectively “free” (because your commissions add up to more than the ticket price) but depending on how many others you encourage to come, you may also make a decent profit.  

Nothing wrong with that, right? This could be your first experience in using the internet to make money. And the great part is, the people who decide to come because of your encouragement will get MASSIVE value. 

That’s for sure. So your income will be legitimate for you, and great value for your friends, family or customers. 

And they can become an affiliate just like you can. You won’t believe how much you’ll learn about the internet, when you start making money from it like this. 

You can earn while you learn!

Ready to get started - VERY IMPORTANT?

We now have not 1 but 2 affiliate programs.  One for our Aus and New Zealand events (including World Traffic Summit) and one for our USA and UK based events.

 Its very important you know that you are promoting the right link for the right event.


AUD program  Sign up   CLICK HERE For All AUS, NZ, and WTS events. 

USD program sign up CLICK HERE For all UK and USA events.

It’s easy and it’s free (even better right? It doesn’t cost you a thing to “join our team”) 

You can get started right away. We’ll send you some promotional text with your affiliate link already inserted, so you can just copy it and send it virtually immediately. 

It really is a no-brainer. 

You can't lose. It won’t cost you a thing. It won’t take very much work. Yet you stand to make a lot of money if you do it right. 

In the past, we’ve written cheques for people just like you for up to $10,000. Not bad huh? All from their commissions. Some serious people have even made up to $40,000. And that’s for around 2 months work (that is, sending emails to their clients or promoting it via the web – all legitimate and legal ways of course). 

So we certainly hope we can do the same for you. 


Tom Hua and Brett McFall


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