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Gail Bottomley ?The Maximum Exposure Specialist



Gail Bottomley began her Internet Marketing Career in 2004 with a Network Marketing Company.


2005 Youtube came onto the Internet scene and it was there she learnt how to drive traffic from video. In her first year of using YouTube to drive traffic to her Website she earned $25,000 that she could say came from YouTube traffic.

Not knowing enough she went to WIS in 2008 to learn more about using the Internet, from that day on she never looked back.

She has gone onto being a Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Software Creator, Affiliate Marketer Earning a 6 figure income that keeps her living in Stress Free Abundance?/p>

What is Stress Free Abundance? She will explain what that is at the World Internet Summit.

Gail has taught 1000ís how to become affiliates, how to do keyword research, SEO,build websites, make videos, drive traffic. She has helped businessís get found online and got many businessís to the top of Google.

With many of her students earning between $400 to $20,000 a week she has experience with helping people earn money online.

Gail not only teaches but she walks the talk. Involved in every part of the internet on a daily basis keeping up to date with whatís hot and whatís not. Then passing that on to her huge database.

YouTube being so impressed with her videos, views and following asked her in 2011 to become a partner.




Giving a talk entitled:


     Ways To Make Money Without Winning The Lottery

    Strategies She Will Teach?

    How to find affiliate programís that pay everyday (Earning up to $12,000 a week from)

    The Secret Money Maker Thatís Right Under Your Nose ( Earning up to $3000 a week from)

    How to use Pinterest To Drive Traffic ( new tricks here, Traffic = Sales )

    Who To JV With When You Have A Physical Product ( this is so cool )

    How To Get A Product To Market In 5 Hours (Earning anything up to $10,000 a month)

    How To Build Profitable Websites and Drive Traffic To Them

    How To Take Everything She Teaches You And Make Money Before The End Of The Week.

    It will be fast paced so you will need to have pen and paper at the ready, as any who know her or have seen her speak knows she gives quality and quantity


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